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Trevor green floral sundries aim to bring you everything you need in florist tools to create everyday bouquets and floristry easy work.

·         Florist spray paint- Oasis florist spray paint is the leading florist colour spray paint for real flowers. Florist spray paint is a floristry tool used to colour match flowers that are out of season or don’t exist. Florist spray paint is an essential in any florist supplies kit. Florist spray paint will cover dried flowers, concrete, craft foam, fabrics, foliage and plants, gift wrap, florist glassware, metals, paper crafts, plastics, pottery, ribbon, silk flowers, stone, terracotta, wicker and wood.

·         Florist tapes & florist fix- Essentials in any floristry starter kit. Florist tape and fix are used constantly in flower arranging. Available in different styles there is a floristry tape suitable for any purpose. Florist stemtext- Oasis florist stemtext is available in moss, brown, white and olive, this high quality florist tape is suitable for binding fresh flowers, dried flowers and silk flowers. Adhesive Stemtext tape is used in wedding bouquets, wedding buttonhole arrangements and throughout floristry arranging.

·         Florist tools- Florist tools and equipment are everyday essentials used within the florist trade for quick and ease while making flower arrangements. Florist scissors, mossing pins, thorn strippers, foliage pruners and florist glue are staples for any florist.

·         Flower food and solution-Flower food is designed to keep real flowers hydrated for longer. Flower food is available in sashes, sprays or liquids.

·         Gold florist letters-Gold florist letters is an oasis florist supplies product which enables the user to customise ribbon and fabric with chosen letters.

·         Styrofoam craft spheres hollow- Styrofoam balls are popular for making sweet trees for gifts and weddings. The plain Styrofoam spheres can be decorated with any sweets or flowers for a modern topiary tree or pomander decoration