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Cellophane wrap

Cellophane wrap is perfect for wrapping flower bouquets and is the extensively the first choice for florist packaging. Florist wrap wholesale is available in clear cellophane wrap, Hessian pattern cellophane wrap, safe leaf cellophane wrap, black chex cellophane wrap, tinted cellophane wrap, scriptum cellophane wrap, star Christmas cellophane wrap, leaf cellophane wrap, heart cellophane wrap and dotty cellophane wrap.


Cellophane wrap is also popular for wrapping hamper baskets, gift baskets, soaps, perfumes and gift items. Choose either plain cellophane wrap or patterned cellophane wrap to suit. Cellophane wrap is also often used with tissue paper, galaxy florist wrap, abaca florist wrap, hessian florist wrap, check florist wrap and amazon florist wrap for a luxury gift wrap design. readily stock both plain and patterned cellophane wrap with next day delivery or 2-3 day delivery throughout the UK.

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