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Christmas Glitter Leaves 63cm
£1.29 ex. VAT   
Christmas Leaves Glitter Red 36cm
£0.59 ex. VAT   
Glitter Hop Spray Rose Gold 68cm
£1.99 ex. VAT   
Glitter Hop Spray Silver 68cm
£1.99 ex. VAT   
Gold glitter branch 38.5"
£2.29 ex. VAT   
Silver glitter spray branch 38.5"
£2.29 ex. VAT   
Gold Glitter Christmas Leaves 25"
£1.99 ex. VAT   
Gold glitter bauble spray 80cm
£1.49 ex. VAT   
Gold glitter leaf 40cm x 6pcs
£2.99 ex. VAT   
Silver glitter leaf 40cm x 6 pcs
£2.99 ex. VAT   
Christmas wicker bundle 73cm
£2.49 ex. VAT   
Red fishing ball 26in
£1.20 ex. VAT   
Glitter red Christmas leaves
£0.49 ex. VAT   
Red glitter decorative grass,90cm
£0.99 ex. VAT   
Silver Glitter Stems 1.2m x 5pcs
£3.99 ex. VAT   
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