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4 Ivory Church candles, 265mm/50mm
£10.69 ex. VAT   
12 Ivory church candles, 120mm/60mm
£13.29 ex. VAT   
4 Ivory church candles, 225mm/70mm
£15.49 ex. VAT   
165/60 church candles x 12
£18.99 ex. VAT   
175/70 church candles x 4
£11.29 ex. VAT   
220/60 church candles x 4
£8.49 ex. VAT   
4 x 130/70 church candles
£8.19 ex. VAT   
Chruch Candle 230mm/80mm x1
£4.59 ex. VAT   
Church Candle 170mm x 100mm x 1
£4.99 ex. VAT   
Church Candle 215mm/50mm x 4 pcs
£6.59 ex. VAT   
Church Candles 150mm x 80mm x 4 pcs
£10.39 ex. VAT   
Ivory Chruch Candle 230mm x 100mm
£7.19 ex. VAT   

Specialising in wholesale candles Trevor green floral sundries bring you long burning church candles available in several different styles- multi wick candles, large candles, small candles and gift wrapped church candles.

Popular wedding candles, church candles are not just suitable for church and alter church candles also create a romantic setting at wedding receptions and social events. Church candles are equally as popular at Christmas and in large flower arrangements, use candles in Smithers Oasis floral foam based flower arrangements to create spectacular romantic table centrepiece.


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