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Floral sundries are pleased to bring you one of the largest ribbon wholesale supplies in the UK. Ribbon is available in a wide range of patterns, colours and styles for all occasions and packaging.

·         Cord and Mesh ribbon- Cord ribbon is ideal for gift wrapping, wedding favours and cake or craft decoration. A traditional Christmas ribbon that will add to any decoration. Mesh ribbon is also often used in Christmas wreaths, Christmas tree decoration and mesh ribbon wreaths.

·         Curling Ribbon- Commonly known and used as balloon ribbon this thin ribbon is also ideal for gift wrapping with cellophane and tissue paper, add curling ribbon bows to create a great looking gift.

·         Diamond mesh ribbon- often known as jewel trim and diamond wrap. This flexible diamond mesh can be used to customise any vase, flower bouquet, cards, crafts and scrapbooking; bling mesh will also look great on cakes, wedding invitations, table place cards, napkin rings and gift wrapping. The large diamond mesh can be cut to any size to suit any purpose.

·         Velvet ribbon & Metallic ribbon-perfect for use at Christmas, velvet and metallic ribbons are popular Christmas ribbons for adding a festive bow to any flower arrangement, Christmas tree, Christmas door wreath or adding a bow to a Christmas gift.

·         Organza ribbon- are please to bring you a large range of wholesale organza ribbon- a typical wedding ribbon, sheer organza fabric is often used on wedding bouquet handles, wedding invitations, wedding name cards. Organza ribbon is often paired with organza fabric chair covers. Organza ribbon is available with a wired edge or stitched edge both options make fabulous bows.

·         Florist ribbon- is pleased to introduce you to all your florist ribbon supply needs. Available in a wide range of colours floral ribbon creates great florist bows for any bouquet or flower arrangement. This multi-purpose florist ribbon is also used in funeral flower arrangements, event dressing and car wedding dressing

·         Pull bow ribbon- Easy and quick pull bows are perfect for decorating wedding cars, Christmas presents, bouquet flowers, and gift hampers. Florist pull bows are available in a wide range of colours.

·          Raffia ribbon-Popular raffia ribbon sold by the roll is ideal for adding bows to natural flower arrangements, pots and plants.

·         Satin ribbon- Increasing in popularity for wedding ribbon bows, wedding buttonholes, wedding invitations and general gift, card and cake craft. Luxurious satin ribbon is ideal for adding finishing touches to any flower arrangement, gift box, and wedding event.