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FibreFloral Florist Foam Bricks x 20

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A natural product based on volcanic basalt rock with a bio-based binder that is derived from rapidly renewable materials
Excellent water storage capacity
Fast soaking
Optimal PH range for most flower types
Re-usable, following use, for growing plants from cuttings and seeds
Natural colour
Excellent flower life for most flower types
For use with fresh and dry flowers
Box of 20 bricks
Each brick measures H: 8 x W: 23 x D:11cm
Typical Uses
To help you create floral displays. Either soak and use wet with fresh flowers or use dry with dried or artificial flowers.

Dispose of used FibreFloral™ Design Media from Smithers-Oasis in general waste. Not suitable for home composting.
Cardboard box - dispose of in cardboard recycling

This is a non-toxic product; hand, eye, skin and respiratory protection are not required, but may be used if desired.

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