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Box of 20 ideal fresh flowers florist foam bricks

by Smithers Oasis floral foam products
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Box of 20 Oasis ideal fresh flowers floral foam.
Perfect for everyday flower arrangements with fresh flowers.
Measurements of individual Oasis floral foam brick:
Length of floral foam brick-23cm
Width of floral foam brick-11cm
Depth of floral foam brick-8cm
OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife provides longer life for flowers - UP TO 50% LONGER - than in previous floral foam. And, for the first time, it is the only floral foam in the industry proven to meet or beat flower life in a vase. A labour saving product that saves time and trouble, and most important of all gives you the security of knowing that your flowers are secure and firmly placed in the design.
Cutting lines. Excellent water source. Quick saturation. Low drainage. Easy to insert stems. Excellent holding power.
To create flower arrangements where the foam provides support and a water source to the stems inserted into it.
-Great for creating flower arrangements
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