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TG Florist Supplies brings you a wide range of florist wires for all your floristry and craft needs:

Aluminium and bullion wire- These soft aluminium wires are available in a wide range of colours for decorative floral design use. Perfect for making unusual shapes in flower arrangements. This versatile product can be used in large floral arrangements, round flower bouquet stems, in wedding buttonholes, in flower bouquets and cake flower decorations. Bullion wire is also a highly popular decorative wire commonly used in flower arrangements. Thread beads and pearls onto thin bullion wire or make creative shapes with the bendable wire for use in funky flower arrangements.

Paper covered craft wire-paper covered wire is most commonly used in cake flower sugar craft and flower arrangements. Paper covered florist wire is available in a wide range of colours for all occasions and themes.

Florist pearls on wire- Oasis pearls on wire are available in a wide range of colours and are suitable for use in flower arrangements. Popular for adding into wedding flower bouquets or large flower arrangements

Retro chenille wire- this retro florist wire will add texture to any flower arrangement or craft project

Rustic grape vine wire- a natural florist wire designed for use in vintage wild bouquets for a natural wild effect. Rustic grape vine wire is also commonly used in making floral headbands and jewellery. This wire has a lovely effect combined with wild flowers.

Florist stub wire-a general all round floristry wire stub wire is generally used in flower arrangements, for attaching flowers to wreaths, building bases for flower arrangements and an everyday tool used in floristry.  


Wire cross frames- used as a base for floral tribute arrangements and Christmas grave flower arrangements.


Wired wreath rings- an essential for Christmas wreath making, this wired ring provides a base for creating a Christmas door or Christmas wreath ring.


Wired florist wool- This funky florist wire is used frequently in modern flower arrangements, and gift presentation packing. Available in a range of bright colours this oasis wired wool is perfect for adding a contemporary arrangement.

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