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Flat silver wire 30mmx0.5mmx5m
£7.29 ex. VAT   
Gold rough flat wire 100g 5mm
£2.55 ex. VAT   
Rose flat aluminium florist wire
£2.89 ex. VAT   
Gold bullion wire 25g
£1.09 ex. VAT   
Gold bullion wire florist swag
£1.99 ex. VAT   
Gold Florist Wire x 2 15M
£1.20 ex. VAT   
Green Florist Wire 28g
£0.69 ex. VAT   
Metallic blue florist wire
£2.29 ex. VAT   
Metallic green florist wire
£2.29 ex. VAT   
Metallic red florist wire
£2.29 ex. VAT   
Silver bullion wire x 25g
£1.09 ex. VAT   
Silver Florist Wire x 2 15M
£1.20 ex. VAT   
Wire reel green 26swg. 0.46mm
£0.65 ex. VAT   

Aluminium wire has many uses in floristry and craft work. This strong bendable wire will easily hold any shape and is often used to create hearts in Valentine’s Day arrangements or as an addition to contemporary flower displays.  Aluminium wire is available in a wide range of colours and styles to suit your floristry needs.

Bullion wire is thinner than aluminium wire but also designed to be seen in flower arrangements or craft displays. Bullion wire adds sparkle or contrast to any arrangement and is easy to use off the reel. Bullion wire can also be used to cover binging wire in floral arrangements.

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