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48 products in this category, displaying products 1 to 48.

Artificial Ivy Bundle Green 69cm
£4.99 ex. VAT   
Artificial Orchid Planter- 61cm
£14.99 ex. VAT   
Faux Eucalyptus Stem 82cm
£1.99 ex. VAT   
Artificial Eucalyptus Bunch x 4
£1.99 ex. VAT   
Artificial Cypress Bunch 16.5"
£3.99 ex. VAT   
Artificial Eucalyptus Branch 36"
£2.29 ex. VAT   
Artificial Eucalyptus Bunch 20"
£1.99 ex. VAT   
Artificial Greenery Bunch 14"
£1.49 ex. VAT   
Artificial Ivy Bunch 105cm
£9.99 ex. VAT   
Artificial Ivy Bunch 120cm
£8.99 ex. VAT   
Artificial Ivy Bunch 97cm
£3.99 ex. VAT   
Artificial Ivy Bunch 97cm
£9.49 ex. VAT   
Artificial Ivy Bundle 110cm
£7.99 ex. VAT   
Artificial Wisteria Cream Stem
£2.99 ex. VAT   
Artificial Wisteria Lilac
£2.99 ex. VAT   
Artificial Wisteria Pale Pink
£2.99 ex. VAT   
Varigated ivy bunch x 78 leaves
£2.49 ex. VAT   
Artificial Olive Branch 72cm
£2.69 ex. VAT   
Frosted ivy bunch x 78 leaves
£2.49 ex. VAT   
Frosted ivy bunch 40cm
£2.59 ex. VAT   
Dracaena leaves stem 90cm
£1.99 ex. VAT   
Artificial Flower Garland 194cm
£8.99 ex. VAT   
Artificial Hop x 9 Stems Bunch
£1.99 ex. VAT   
Artificial Ivy Garland 6ft
£4.49 ex. VAT   
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