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Black Crystal accents 30g
£1.49 ex. VAT   
Emerald green Crystal accents 30g
£1.49 ex. VAT   

Oasis crystal accents water absorbing crystals are available in a wide range of colours suitable for any flower arrangement or occasion. Crystal accents can often used to hold flowers either real or artificial in place.


To create the crystals simply add water and leave to stand for 3-5 hours, drain any excess water from the crystals. Once the water has been fully absorbed the crystal accents will look like chunks of ice.

Allow water to be fully absorbed before fresh or artificial flowers are inserted, crystal accents can be reused if at any point your crystals become cloudy simply rise thoroughly and allow crystals to drain before reusing.


Crystal accents are available in Amethyst, black onyx, ruby, white, emerald, rose, sapphire, topaz yellow and turquoise.


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