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Candle Avani Tie Dye Plum 100mm x 60mm

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Create a romantic or cosy atmosphere at any wedding, event or home. Candles provide stunning lighting for weddings or services. View our candelabra & candle holder department to see our range of church candle holders.
Measurements of candles
Great for weddings and events
Instructions for use of candles
Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Do not burn candles near flammable materials.
Do not place candles in a draught.
Take action if you see excess soot: - is there a draught?
- Does the wick need shortening?
- Trim wick to approximately 1,5 cm.
Candles with a Ø of 40 mm or more should burn over a considerable
time so that the wax pool completely liquefies. Otherwise
a wax wall will be formed around the wick impairing the
Approx 36 hour burning time

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